Add personalized beauty to your home.

Glass Doors

Glass Fireplace Doors are versatile hearth accessories that not only add personalized beauty to your home, but also provide a number of functions that will help you get more out of your fireplace.

Fireplaces are not efficient heat sources by design, with so much of your house air being pulled up your chimney. Glass doors can prevent a considerable amount of this air loss when burning a fire.

Also, by utilizing the door damper controls, you can snuff out a fire when it’s time for bed, without worrying about staying up to tend to hot embers.

Even when you’re not burning, an open fireplace is like leaving a window open in your house. You lose heated air up the chimney in the winter months, and cooled air in the summer. Glass doors minimize energy loss, which helps save money.

Glass doors are furniture. They are beautiful, and customized to your personal taste and preferences. They highlight the focal point of your room, and add value to your home.

And all our doors are proudly made in America!


Personalized… one-of-a-kind… just perfect…

Visit Chadds Ford Fireside Shop for fireplace accessories that are as unique as your own personal tastes. We have the largest selection of fine hearth accessories in the area!

From designing special screens, to color-matching toolsets, we can help you. Anything you can think of, we can provide: Firescreens that range from traditional black wrought iron, to contemporary brushed steel bows…toolsets in solid brass to all-in-one hearth centers in natural iron finishes…

And there’s more: Hand-carved bellows, beautiful (and functional) wood holders, elegant andirons, cast-iron firebacks, colorful enameled steamers…you get the idea!


Looking for something else?

Chadds Ford Fireside Shop offers numerous wood-burning options; traditional cast iron stoves on legs, sleek new inserts with built-in blower systems, traditional steel units with large glass windows, and many more!

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