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Gas Products

Gas products are the most convenient way to enjoy the beauty and warmth of an inviting fire. All of our units are beautiful, realistic and controllable by remote…instant satisfaction!

Gas logs, or a gas insert, can turn your neglected fireplace into a cozy new focal point of your home. A gas fireplace or gas stove can be added to a room, to create a comfortable new hangout area.

From enjoying a spur-of-the moment romantic fire with the click of a remote, to keeping that chilly addition cozy and warm without having to crank up your home thermostat, a gas product is the way to go.

Gas Inserts

Gas Inserts are designed to turn your wood burning fireplace into an efficient source of heat, while looking beautiful at the same time.

Open fireplaces are not at all efficient; in fact, they pull more heated air out of your house than radiant heat they put into your room. A gas insert eliminates the air loss associated with an open fireplace, and also adds inexpensive radiant and blower-assisted hot air heat to your living area.

Our inserts offer countless stylish design options, from sleek contemporary brushed stainless steel to Wright-inspired craftsman details…and all units are thermostatically controlled by remote, for the ultimate in cost-effective and ease-of-use functionality.

Gas Stoves

Gas Stoves can be installed virtually anywhere, to add a unique focal point to your home, as well as provide efficient heat to your favorite room.

Chadds Ford Fireside Shop offers a diverse selection of gas stoves. Whether for a traditional farmhouse or modern studio, we have a stove that is the right color, size and “look” for your project!

Our gas stoves feature low clearance requirements, and can be easily installed on a hardwood floor. Best of all, they require no electricity to burn, and can be thermostatically controlled by remote.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the warmth of your stove…all with the press of a button!

Gas Logs

Gas Logs are an easy way to convert a wood burning fireplace to gas, and look as realistic as actual burning wood.

Enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a real fire, without any of the work, dust or bugs associated with real wood.

Whether you opt for traditional or contemporary, you will love being able to control the fire from your favorite chair by using the included remote control. And keep in mind; these units require no electricity for operation…so you’re guaranteed coziness even in the stormiest weather!

Gas Fireplaces

A Gas Fireplace can be installed into a room where no fireplace exists, to add warmth and value to your favorite space.

A cozy, inviting hearth is always an important focal point in any home. Imagine enjoying your evening sitting around a flickering, entrancing fire…controlling the flames with a remote from your favorite chair…in a room that originally featured a blank wall where your fireplace now sits!

From full-view units with huge viewing areas, to stainless steel contemporaries with glass or river rock burners, Chadds Ford Fireside Shop has your dream fireplace!

What is Direct Vent Technology?

Direct vent fireplaces, inserts, and stoves draw combustion air from the outdoors and exhaust their combustion products to the outdoors—eliminating the need for a traditional vertical chimney. The combustion system is sealed from the living area to assure high air quality, maximum efficiency, and trouble-free operation in today’s tightly insulated homes.

A direct vent system draws air for combustion from outside the home into a sealed firebox. Exhaust is expelled through a separate vent. Room air is heated and recirculated, without ever mixing in with the combustion air or byproducts. The system keeps warm air in and cold air out.

Unlike a traditional open fireplace, no energy or interior air is lost to the outside of the home, and no smoke or odors enter the house via the fireplace. A direct vent fireplace or stove can vent right through a wall using co-axial venting. A direct vent insert utilizes its own flexible co-linear vent tubes that run inside an existing chimney.

Televisions Above Fireplaces

A flat screen television hanging above a fireplace has become a very popular, and space-saving, interior design solution. Mounting a television or sensitive piece of art above a fireplace combines two focal points in one location, allowing a more unified room and furniture layout.

However, hanging a television or piece of art above a direct vent gas fireplace can be tricky, and can impact overall design plans. Special accommodations need to be made to protect the television or artwork from the heat generated by these types of fireplaces.

Traditionally, the television/artwork would have to be recessed into a pocket above the fireplace, or a mantel would have to be installed to deflect the heat.

Chadds Ford Fireside Shop offers numerous fireplace options with heat-shifting technology, which diverts the convective heat generated by the fireplace to a higher output location on the wall, or into another room. This allows the installation of a television or artwork directly above a fireplace without being affected by the heat of the fireplace.

Some fireplaces even offer the option of diverting all convective heat to the outside, so they can be enjoyed in the summer as well as winter. Others feature “warm-touch” glass fronts that don’t require a screen.

You can now achieve a clean, up-to-date look whether your personal taste is modern or traditional. Please visit Chadds Ford Fireside Shop to see some of these technologies in action.


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Chadds Ford Fireside Shop offers numerous wood-burning options; traditional cast iron stoves on legs, sleek new inserts with built-in blower systems, traditional steel units with large glass windows, and many more!

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