Gas Products

Gas products are the most convenient way to enjoy the beauty and warmth of an inviting fire. All of our units are beautiful, realistic and controllable by remote…instant satisfaction!

Gas logs, or a gas insert, can turn your neglected fireplace into a cozy new focal point of your home. A gas fireplace or gas stove can be added to a room, to create a comfortable new hangout area.

From enjoying a spur-of-the moment romantic fire with the click of a remote, to keeping that chilly addition cozy and warm without having to crank up your home thermostat, a gas product is the way to go.

Gas Product Helpful Links

Gas Inserts

Chaddsford Fireside Shop

Gas Inserts are designed to turn your wood burning fireplace into an efficient source of heat, while looking beautiful at the same time. Continue reading

Gas Stoves

Chaddsford Fireside Shop

Gas Stoves can be installed virtually anywhere, to add a unique focal point to your home, as well as provide efficient heat. Continue reading

Gas Logs

Chaddsford Fireside Shop

Gas Logs are an easy way to convert a wood burning fireplace to gas, and look as realistic as actual burning wood. Continue reading

Gas Fireplaces

Chaddsford Fireside Shop

Gas Fireplaces can be installed into a room where no fireplace exists, to add warmth and value to your favorite space. Continue reading