Wood Stoves

Chaddsford Fireside Shop
Chaddsford Fireside ShopChaddsford Fireside Shop

A Wood Stove can be installed in a favorite room to add a unique focal point to your home, as well as provide cozy and affordable heat.

Chadds Ford Fireside Shop offers a full line of stoves, with numerous varieties of sizes, styles and features. Whether you’re looking for traditional cast-iron, reliable steel, or European modern, we have the right stove for your home. Plus, all of our stoves are EPA certified, high-efficiency heaters.

Best of all, cord wood is a “Green” fuel: using wood for a heat source is a carbon-neutral process, and is a renewable energy resource. As trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Burning firewood produces the same amount of carbon dioxide as it has absorbed during its life cycle.

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