Maintenance For Your Wood Burning Fireplace or Stove


Wood-Stove-FireAs we enjoy the summer months, there is no time like the present to refresh ourselves with the logistics of fireplace maintenance.  These majestic centerpieces are warmly inviting, and create serene atmospheres within any home.  We enjoy them, we show them off and they add flair to homes. In return, it’s important to properly care for your fireplace in order to keep it functioning safely and smoothly for years to come.

Everyday Ash Cleaning

For those possessing wood burning fireplaces, the first step to a well-maintained fireplace is the regular upkeep of ash.  The disposal of fireplace ash is quite simple with the right accessories.  Metal ash bucket and shovel sets make useful tools for fireplace ash disposal. They are convenient and aid in the proper, safe disposal of hot and cool ash.  Ash brooms keep the hearth clear of debris. Ash vacuums mimic the look of a traditional ash bucket, but offer the convenience of easy cleanup of cold ash.

Regular Maintenance

Where ash cleaning may be performed more frequently, other chores such as wiping down the glass and other exposed fireplace or stove surfaces can be done on a weekly basis.  Never use household glass cleaner, as this could damage the glass. Instead, use hearth glass cleaner. There are different types of glass cleaner for tempered fireplace glass doors and ceramic stove glass.

Use anti-creosote spray every time you light a fire, to help prevent soot buildup in your fireplace or stove chimney. Just a few sprays can make a big difference.

Installing a wood insert that fits nicely into an existing traditional hearth is one way to cut down on the amount of surface cleaning required around your fireplace.

Annual Maintenance

As part of your “end of season closing-up” process as the cold season winds down, perform a thorough of the firebrick and mortar joints of the fireplace, and thoroughly clean the whole firebox.  Use hearth surface cleaner to remove any smoke stains that may have accumulated on the surface above the fireplace opening.

Inspect the firebricks, gaskets, and hinges on your stove. Consult your owner’s manual if you aren’t sure how to do this or contact Chadds Ford Fireside Shop for assistance.  Even if you are comfortable with cleaning and maintaining your unit, you should also have your chimney cleaned and inspected professionally at least once a year.  A reputable company is able to check for and repair any leakage or damage throughout your system and chimney flue.

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