Cleaning The Glass On Your Gas Fireplace


After a long dragged out winter, there is nothing more anticipated than the Spring season and with that comes the dreaded “spring cleaning.”  As you sit and assess your home and all the areas that need a little personal attention, one often overlooked item is the fireplace and hearth area.  I mean, really, what is there to clean if you own a gas fireplace?  Well, when winter rolls around again you realize how unattractive that cloudy white haze on your gas fireplace’s glass door appears, you will recall this moment when you chose to overlook that foggy glass door.

Why Do Glass Doors On Gas Fireplaces Get Dirty, When There Is No Coal Or Soot To Worry About?

Although there is no messy soot or black grime associated with the use of gas fireplaces, there is a buildup of condensation, which creates a white haze on the glass of your fireplace.  This gas contains chlorides that merge with the moisture, and adheres to the glass.  When these warm, moist burning gases come into contact with the relatively cool glass of an unlit hearth, the result is that hazy white buildup.  Often times, the condensation disappears when the heat from your fireplace is ignited; however, as this cycle repeats itself the condensation eventually becomes permanently etched into the glass.  It is very important to develop a habit of regular cleaning to avoid this occurrence; especially considering the alternative is complete glass replacement, which can be costly.

Gas Fireplace Glass Cleaning Tips

Before we discuss the ends and outs of cleaning your gas fireplace glass here are a couple of important points.

  • Always consult your owner’s manual.  The last thing you want to do is perform self-maintenance on your gas fireplace glass that voids any type of warranty or goes against the specific instructions of your unit.
  • Always be very careful.  When dealing with the glass on your fireplace it is important to avoid creating any nicks, scraps and scratches.  Once you heat up your unit, these tiny deficiencies can turn into full out breaks or cracks and eventually result in shattering.
  • Always stay ventilated.  Depending on the chemical you decide to use, remember to crack a window or two as not to inhale too many harsh fumes.  Oven cleaners and the like are safe when used in a properly ventilated area but can become deadly in an enclosed place.

Cleaning Your Gas Fireplace Glass

1429728577565 (342)Luckily, cleaning gas fireplace glass is easier than you would think with the right products.  The most effective products will contain very mild abrasives that work specifically to remove chloride.  Two pretty popular and well-reviewed products are Rutland White Off Glass Cleaner and Stove Bright Glass Cleaner.  If you choose to go the route of general household glass cleaners look for products that do not contain ammonia.

picglassOnce you have chosen a product that works for you and conforms to the requirements of your unit’s owner’s manual, the next step is to clean the glass.  Clean the glass as you would any other household glass such as a mirror or window pane.  Take precaution with the amount of pressure you apply to the glass but use enough light force and elbow grease to lightly buff away the blemishing chloride.

Once you complete this task you are left with spotlessly gleaming glass ready for the next time you want to bask in the ambiance of your fireplace.  Chadds Ford Fireside Shop can help you determine the best products for your situation and is centrally located between Glen Mills and Chadds Ford, PA. We are on Route 202 close to the Delaware/PA state line. We service the Main Line, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Chester County. Call Chadds Ford Fireside at (610) 358-9355 or stop by today.