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General Hearth Safety Products

A recent report of the 2010-2012 Residential Fire Loss Estimates by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission identified 22,700 fires and fire related incidents related specifically to fireplace usage. It is important to understand the basics of safe fireplace usage and invest in products that promote fireplace safety and protection. … Continue reading

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Storing And Seasoning Tips

The leaves are falling and the temperature is slowly dropping. Fall is always a joyous time of year where the back to school routines are slowly sinking back in and warm days blend into cool nights. Now is the time to prepare your fireplace for use during the upcoming winter. … Continue reading

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Benefits of Glass Fireplace Doors

Now that we’re at the end of the summer season, many homeowners have gone about their days with little or no acknowledgment of their fireplace’s existence.  Owners have dutifully gone through the processes of cleaning, inspecting, securing and closing their fireplaces for the off-season and most will not worry about … Continue reading

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Maintenance For Your Wood Burning Fireplace or Stove

  As we enjoy the summer months, there is no time like the present to refresh ourselves with the logistics of fireplace maintenance.  These majestic centerpieces are warmly inviting, and create serene atmospheres within any home.  We enjoy them, we show them off and they add flair to homes. In … Continue reading

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Have You Turned Off Your Gas Fireplace?

  A commonly asked question among fireplace owners centers around proper protocol in terms of turning off the pilot light on your gas fireplace, since homeowners are not likely to use their fireplaces during the approaching summer months.  There is generally concern focused on safety, finance and overall care of … Continue reading

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Regency Heat Wave Sale On Wood Products

The offer is only valid for Regency Wood products (as listed above) sold between July 13, 2015 and September 8, 2015.  Receive a $150, $100 or $50 instant rebate corresponding to the eligible product at the time of purchase.

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Prepping Your Fireplace for The Season Change

  After an exasperating and dragged out winter, everyone is enthusiastic that spring is here!  As we plan for more outdoorsy activities, the odds of sparking a warm relaxing fire fade, along with the memory of cold winter days.  Before we proceed with our outdoor adventures, it’s important to remember … Continue reading

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Tools and Accessories For Your Fireplace

  Accessories have always played an important role in the expression of unique qualities and individuality. Endless possibilities create countless ways to make our homes an expression of individual personality and style. Chaddsford Fireside Shop’s accessories are a triple threat offering safety, convenience and luxury. Safety There are many products … Continue reading

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Wood Burning: Best Wood and Best Practices

With the use of fireplaces making a swift comeback as both an aesthetic centerpiece of the modern home and as a practical means to heat, lighting and ambiance, it’s time we refresh our understanding of a seemingly simple process of wood burning  Factors of the best practices in wood burning … Continue reading

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Regency Fireplace Event

Come this weekend to the Regency Fireplace Event (January 24-25).  Be sure to use this Winter Rebate Coupon!  See you on Saturday or Sunday! If this Saturday/Sunday get snowed out, the event will be rescheduled for next Saturday the 31st.  Please call the store to confirm.

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